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Tie Thrifting


Clothes thrifting can be fun, but it’s challenging to find a garment that fits, is free of rips or blemishes, and fits within your wardrobe.   But in my experience, you can never go home disappointed when ‘tie thrifting’.   Ties are nearly all of the same length, so size-matching is never an issue.   Rips, tears, blemishes that can’t be removed are uncommon (how often does anyone wear out a tie?).  

But what about finding one of a decent style, and not some booby prize someone got stuck with for Father’s day?   Well, when your local thrift-store has dozens, sometimes over a 100 ties (mine does), the chances of finding a tie that fits within your wardrobe actually goes up dramatically.  I usually find more than one.  And of course at a truly rock bottom price.   Finding a good tie just becomes a simple matter of matching to your own tastes — that is, seeking patterns / colors that complement a clothing ensemble you had in mind.  

Yes, it does require a willingness to sift through what is often a loose hanging and eclectized spaghetti of patterns, colors, and materials.  But the search is part of the charm, fun even.

Then you might end up with a tie like this, which I like paired with my dark navy Theory blazer (thrifted as well — it was a good day). Tie-spirational:


Or this Hardy Amies tie:


Mr. Broke & Bespoke — menswear thrift master bar none — regularly features thrifted ties himself.

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